Saturday April 30 , 2016
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The Amoral Radical Left

I have often commented on the fact that if one is to be able to understand the radical left, one must pay attention to what they do and not what they say.  What I find most revolting about the radical left is their amorality--a complete dismissal of morality or even moral principles.  I can accept a person as being immoral--fighting against moral principles, and by that behavior acknowledging the existence of right and wrong--but a person that is amoral is more dangerous than any other form of human being.  Those that are amoral have no moral compass, no sense of integrity and no inhibitions concerning their actions.  This lack of a moral filtering will allow the amoral individual, read that those on the radical left, to do anything to achieve his or her ideological goals.  People who are not bound by a sense of right and wrong find even the slightest scintilla of moral grounding to be a theat to them and their agenda.

There are many actions amoral individuals will pursue to ensure they have free rein in a society in which chaos is injected.  First, the radical left will do everything they can to suppress free speech.  All one has to do is to examine the people in this administration and congress that want to revitalize the Fairness Doctrine, which would essentially eliminate talk radio from the airways.  Further, there is some movement by this adminstration to inject themselves into controlling content on the Internet.  Of course, the market is controlling those outlets that are popular and those that are not, and today, the left is losing ground.

The second tactic of the amoral radical left is to subvert religion.  One has to look no further than the near religious adherence of the left to environmentalism and Darwinism.  The left's constant attacks on the Constitution using the false arguments concerning the separation of church and state have virtually eliminated any mention of character shaping tenets in our schools or in the public domain.  The Constitution prohibits the establishment of a state religion.  The Constitution does not prohibit religion, and in fact, supports the free practice thereof.  The fundamental Judeo-Christian teachings from which our Founders drew strength and direction should be viewed with reverence and not disdain.  Conservatism is based on, but not dependent upon, the moral teachings found in religion.

The third technique employed by the amoral left is perhaps the most pernicious, and that is the methodical, deliberate indoctrination of our children through a public education system that is as corrupt as those who want to advance an agenda that diminishes at every turn the exceptionality of America.  The underlying philosophy of those that control and teach in our schools is one of egalitarianism.  Because all must be guaranteed equal outcomes, then merit and individuality must be suppressed.  If individuality is suppressed, then there is no individual accountability.  A society cannot survive without individual freedom, merit and accountability.

The fourth tactic pursued by the amoral left is the intentional disarming of the population.  A nation where individuals cannot own or bear arms is one that is bound for tyrannical rule.  The incredibly persistent strength of the individual, his or her freedom and the right to protect one's property has probably kept a tyrannical national government at bay.  The nation was founded by those unafraid to pick up arms to defend their land and their freedom.  Such is still, I believe, to be found in the enduring spirit of most Americans.

The final approach to suppressing those that still value individual freedom is the constant assault on the social contract manifested in the Constitution.  The pronouncements this week of many of those on the radical left that the American people do not care about the fundamental checks and balances found in the Constitution could not be more wrong.  It is the very existance of the Constitution that allows all freedom loving individuals in this country to gain the strength to take back this country from those that would deny that very freedom from us.

At the end of the day, I still believe the individual will win out.  I still believe that those without a moral center cannot prosper in this land for long.  Sooner or later, the spirit of the American people will drive those that do have a moral center to take up "arms" to throw off the suppression of liberty visited upon them by those that deny even the existence of moral principles.  I believe.  


Behavior, not Rhetoric

Watching the majority party in Congress over the past several months has been instructive.  Further, one can clearly see that behavior is far more important than rhetoric, especially if that rhetoric is laced with deceit, falsehoods and cooked books.  The problem with telling a lie to support a position is that if the position is proved to be wrong, then the offending party has to tell even more lies.  In the end, the pathology of the offending parties is so predictable that with each passing day, credibility declines and skepticism increases.  Over the past year, the American people have made the decision to no longer trust anything coming out of Washington.

This weekend, the nation may well be set on a path of transformation that will be difficult to alter.  The rationale for nationalizing the healthcare industry has not been clearly articulated.  The reason the majority party has had such a hard time selling the American people on this monstrosity is that the reasons they have given--bending the cost curves, giving more access, reining in outrageous profits--have been found to be untrue.  The real reasons the radicals in the majority party are attempting to take over 16% of the economy are transparent--a word not used often with this congress or President.

The first reason for this effort is to dismantle as much of the private sector as possible.  These people hate capitalism and free enterprise, because in a market system, individual property rights are paramount and one gains prosperity based on one's own merit.  Capitalism, as they see it, is built upon the sweat of working people that do not get their fair share of the fruits of their labor.  Regardless of what decisions one makes, he or she is entitled to share the profits of their labor.  This notion is based on a near religious belief in egalitarianism--equal outcomes for everyone.  Of course, such a philosophy destroys or suppresses individual initiative and thus fully erodes the ability to generate any excess capacity.  Further, egalitarianism is the antithesis of a system based on merit.  Those that believe that capitalism is evil are also those that believe that America represents an oppressive society where there is an expectation of individual accountability.  The progressives that hate America and capitalism believe that the individual is not responsible for his her circumstances and that those that are disadvantaged in society are victims.  This may be the case in some situations, but endorsing a victim mentality leads to the creation of a permanent, dependent underclass that will never escape the shackles of dependency.  These progressives, of course, do not want any escape.

The second reason the radicals of the majority party want to take over the healthcare industry is to control every aspect of one's life.  In essence, these people believe that through the coercive power of government, they can achieve the perfection of man.  A predictable outcome of this legislation will be government directives on what one can eat, where one can eat, when one can eat, when one can visit a doctor, etc.  Through this legislation, the national government will impose direct control on the life of every American.  Citizens of this nation will literally live and die at the whim of a government that will not stop until all power and control is vested in the ruling classes of the national government.

The final reason for taking over the healthcare industry is that such control furthers an agenda bent on dismantling, and eventually destroying, the Constitution of the United States.  With this systematic assault on the very founding of the nation, the radicals of the majority party are more than willing to diminish the strength of the nation by suppressing speech, the right to assemble, the right to bear arms and the rest of the protections of the Bill of Rights.  Further, this dismantling of the Constitution will also lead to the subordination of the states to the point of being mere extensions of the national government and the subordination of the legislative and judicial branches of the national government to an imperial Presidency and unfettered executive branch.

Regardless of how the votes turn out this weekend, the country will likely never be the same.  I am betting on the American people to wrest control from the hands of those that would be very pleased to enslave the people and take from them their freedom, independence and power.  This year, 2010, will be a good year for the Constitution, in the end.  Right now, however, one must continue to fight for the individual citizen and resist the despicable actions of those that want to take that liberty away.



Why the Constitution Matters, Part IV

It seems that our Congress and the President have lost their collective minds in deciding to pursue a clear violation of the Constitution to pass this onerous healthcare bill.  By "deeming" the bill passed, the House will vote on reconciliation language and will then send the bill to the President for signature.  Any member of Congress that supports this process is violating his or her oath of office.  If the President signs the bill "passed" in this manner, he will likewise further a violation of the Constitution.  He, too, will violate his oath of office.  The most stunning development is that we are seeing the true ideology emerging from the President and the majority party leadership.  Any elected official that is so dismissive of the will of the people, the rule of law and the Constitution is not worthy of holding high office.  The ends do not justify the means.  Only in the most authoritarian regimes do we witness this blatant disregard for the organizing principles of a society.

There are some interesting lessons that can be drawn from the examination of complexity theory.  In most enterprises, there is a network of entities that, for the most part, self-organize to work in cooperation.  There is an energy going through the enterprise, entity to entity, that holds this loose coalition together.  If at some point an entity drops out of the network and then others drop out, the energy dissapates.  If the energy dissapates enough, the enterprise reaches that "tipping point" where the next entity to drop out will dissolve the network.

The election of this President was an illustration of a group of entities self-organizing to achieve a particular goal.  Over time, however, more and more entitities have begun to fall out of the enterprise.  First, we saw the crystalization of sentiment against expanded government and run away spending captured in the Tea Party movement, then we saw the migration of independents out of the enterprise.  We have proof of this migration in the 20+ point swings in voting support that went from Democrats to Republicans in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  Then, we saw the evaporation of support among pro-life Democrats on healthcare reform legislation.  Finally, we are starting to see the questioning of the main stream media of the objectives and tactics of the ruling party.  With each entity dropping out of the network, the energy has dissapated and we are about to see the enterprise disintegrate.  One would think that the President and his men and women would catch on and move more to the center, looking out for the interests of the American people.  Unfortunately, I think we will see something quite different.  I think we will see the President and the other extremists in his party withdraw even further, and eventually these people will become irrelevant, and also self-destructive.  We need to hope that these people do not attempt to "punish" those that do not support them.  The American people will be branded as being too stupid to understand enlightened leadership.  Really? 

This unseemly escalation of commitment we are seeing on the part of the Democrat extremists will eventually lead to their demise.  They will not be able to help themselves.  Does this mean we will never have to worry about them after the November elections?  No, we will always have to worry.  Remember, the price of freedom is constant vigilance.



Why the Constitution Matters, Part III

Today, the President of the United States stated that people in America will not care about the process by which healthcare legislation is enacted.  The people will only care about the content of the law.  I am not sure whether the President is being told this, if he actually believes this or he is hoping this is the way the American public will react to the complete disregard for the Constitution that he, his administration and the current congress are demonstrating.  Regardless of his perspective, I believe he could not be more mistaken.

Today, the several states of this great country began the process of fighting back based on their rights under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution.  Today, we have witnessed even more resistance among the people of this country as reflected in polling numbers.  Even the friendliest polls to this President are trending more negatively.  Why, then, would the administration and the majority party in Congress be pushing so hard to do something so unpopular and so outside the structure of the Constitution?  To date, the American people have not been given compelling reasons for this takeover of 17% of the American economy.  Regardless of whether one considers economics, morality, ethics or even "social justice," one cannot find even the slightest positive, constructive argument to sway what the American people clearly see as a usurpation of state prerogatives and a suppression of individual liberty.

The Constitution of the United States is not an inconvenience or a document that has outlived its time.  The Constitution is necessarily restrictive of the powers of the national government and is the absolute codification of the common laws agreed upon by the people of a great nation.  The Constitution is the manifestation of a sacred agreement among the citizens of the states and nation and the people and their government.  When the government demonstrates its disregard for this sacred agreement, then the people need to dismiss the imprudent magistrates and bring into office those that will uphold their end of the deal--that covenant we find in the Constitution.


Why the Constitution Matters, Part II

On the radio show today, I led a discussion with my listeners focused on the constitutionality of the actions associated with the current healthcare legislation.  The actions of this administration and the current congress as those actions relate to the intent and letter of the Constitution are breathtaking.  One of great strengths of a representative democracy is that those in whom we place our trust through the political process is that those people will uphold their part of the covenant to do what is best for the country.  These elected representatives must be "prudent magistrates" or they will be rightly branded as "tyrants."

The Speaker of the House, the leading member of the majority party, is seriously contemplating allowing a manipulation of House rules to "deem the Senate bill passed" as the members of the House consider "fixes" to the Senate bill before that bill is made into law.  The Speaker is managing a direct violation of Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution by not allowing a vote on a bill delivered from the Senate to the House for consideration.  She is considering an act that will subvert individual member accountability on a bill that may allow the national government to take control of 16% of the economy.  Further, the President has endorsed this maneuver so that he can sign the bill into law.  In essence, the Congress of the United States, acting without Constitutional constraint, will be allowing the President to rule by fiat.  The administration, directing every action of late on this legislation, will have the willing complicity of the majority party in violating our most sacred laws.  Given these circumstances, I am mindful of my studies of the old Soviet Union when the central committee of the communist party would decree something in the interest of the people and have the Duma rubber stamp that decree regardless of what the law, or the Russian Constitution, might say.

Inside the bill are any number of mandates imposed on the people and the states.  Those mandates, in essence, require citizens to comply with the legislation or suffer punative action on the part of the national government.  Because the government can coerce behaviors, we now face the fact that complying with these requirements is now a condition of citizenship.  Nowhere can I find in the Constitution, nor can I find in any of my reference material, any precedent for mandating insurance for each individual, whether provided by the private or public sector.  Nowhere.  Having healthcare insurance is, therefore, not a condition of citizenship.  Thus, requiring each person to have healthcare insurance is a direct violation of the Constitution.

This argument can also be applied to states.  Forcing states to expand Medicaid coverage imposes an unfunded mandate on the states.  The legislatures of each state must then find revenue to support these unfunded requirements.  The national government, through the cover of unfunded requirements, imposes a tax levy on the people again without accountability or Constitutional support.  We fought a revolution over taxation without representation.  The Tenth Amendment of the Constitution protects the people and the states from the national government because of the explicit nature of holding the national government to the enumerated powers found in the various articles.  Mandating insurance for the individuals or requiring states to spend money they do not have is unconstitutional.

A nation ruled, and I use that word advisedly, by elites that think they are not bound by the Constitution is in danger of falling into a spiral from which recovery will be most difficult.  The Constitution requires accountability, and those that dodge their responsibilities do so at their own peril.  The people will fight to keep their country and will reclaim this nation from those "imprudent magistrates."


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