Sunday May 01 , 2016
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Civics Literacy and Education Reform

I have been doing a lot of reading recently, mostly to satisfy my curiosity about how activists might be the most effective and efficient over the next several years.  As I have mentioned before in these spaces, we must take a long-term view--at least one generation into the future.  If we do not, we risk being the first generation in American history to leave our children a nation with a lower standard of living than the one we were given.  This is shameful, at best, and horribly irresponsible at worst.

If one examines the evidence concerning how one goes about getting people involved in civic action, one finds that civics education and literacy are the keys.  Of all the levels of activism one might undertake, educating fellow citizens on the Constitution, government and governance provide the highest payback.  Add to this aggressive, deliberate and intention activism related to bringing school choice options to every district in the country and the nation will suddenly--and irreversibly--turn against the progressive agenda that has been so subtly visited upon our nation.

In a recent forum for school board candidates I moderated, I was stunned that these otherwise wonderful, devoted citizens seemed to be unaware of the multitude of choice options available for districts and the merits of implementing some of these options that work for the children and parents.  Given the performance of some of the schools in the district, one would think that as many options as possible would be part of the calculus.  Unfortunately, these folks did not seem to grasp the enormity of the challenges for which they wished to engage as elected public servants.

For the foreseeable future, I will be on a crusade to bring civics literacy and education reform to forefront of all that I do.  I cannot stand by as this nation slips further and further away from its founding and core values.  Please, please join me as we form an army of activists who will turn into the wind and fight this fight.  Please, I am imploring you, find your way to this cause.  Thanks.