Thursday May 05 , 2016
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Fascinating--And Wrong

I am perplexed by the leadership display from the establishment arm of the republican party.  Perhaps if I would make myself think the way they do, I might understand their behavior better.  Just the same, I am happy I do not have the carry the burden they do with their arrogance and ignorance of the American people.  Today, they are behaving as badly as our opponents on the progressive side.

Leadership takes moral courage--the courage to stick to proven principles and the courage to make hard decisions.  Our current leadership in the republican party seems to be void of any of the courage we would demand of those who might lead the nation.  I suspect they would like all of us conservatives to shut up, send our checks, and leave the inside-the-beltway stuff to them  Sorry, that does not work with most of us.  We are educated as they are, we are certainly smarter than they are and we certainly have more real-world experience, so why do they diss us so badly?  Maybe they won't end up on Fox as much as they did in the past, but they would certainly win friends in the fly-over country.

Speaker Boehner and the rest of the republican house leadership are conducting a purge of conservatives on committees that have fiscal oversight responsibilities.  The Speaker does not want any disturbances in the force so when the recalcitrant back-benchers start to act up, he has to punish them by sending them to their respective rooms.  How in the world are to advance conservative principles when the leadership is doing all it can to sweep conservatives out of positions of influence.

What would happen if the GOP found a true conservative to lead its charge into the next election cycle?  Are there any conservatives out there who would want the job?  I am beginning to question whether or not our best and brightest are even interested in leading.  What are the incentives to do so?  One has to look long and hard at committing so much emotional and intellectual capital to such a venture.

We need to start the process of electing conservatives in all the red states, building a ground game that will allow us to carry national elections when the time comes.  The dems don't seem to have a problem with getting their residuals to the polls.  We ought to do what good folks do and borrow the good practices and then beat them at their own game.  However, we are not likely to get that done with the republican establishment comprised the way it is now.  Move over, we are coming through.