Saturday April 30 , 2016
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It's Still the Constitution

One of the many good arguments being offered for republicans to fight on in the fiscal cliff battle is that the Constitution provides cover for all the actions that need to be taken.  Why is it we do not have congressional leaders that are advancing this argument?  Also, why are we not talking about spending?  We have let the progressives define the issue based on revenues when revenues are clearly enough for a good government to govern well.  How is it we can figure this out in the hinterlands, but the political elites can't seem to get the common sense approach to running things?

Over the next four weeks, we will see a lot of dancing around the candle by the politcos while a deal is sure to be agreed upon behind closed doors.  The party leaders will rush to come to grips with issues and will most likely do as they always do--make bad decisions that have incredibly bad consequences.  We need new leadership in the republican party and we, the people need to elect people who will invoke the checks and balances clearly outlined in the base law of the land.

We have a chance in 2014 to wrest the senate out of the hands of the progressives.  We should move heaven and earth to get conservatives elected in as many of the races as possible.  Find good candidates now so we can start the process of building the networks necessary to turn out overwhelming numbers on election day.  Keep the faith.