Friday May 06 , 2016
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Let's Get Over It

The election is over and we need to get past the rumors and mythology that surrounded this past election.  We got our butts handed to us and we need to acknowledge that.  The Romney campaign was using a faulty ground game model and the republican establishment convinced far too many of us that they had all this under control.  We got beat because we did not have a strong enough candidate at the top of the ticket, did not have a strong enough message, did not have any way for 50% of the eligible voters to make a good decision about for whom they should vote.  It's our fault, and we need to step up and take the medicine.

We now have the opportunity to go after the message and the messengers.  We need to find fearless individuals who are willing to step up and step out in front.  They are out there, but we need to make sure we find those who can lead.  I am not impressed one bit with what is already starting to be a crowded field of republicans starting to sniff the 2016 nomination.  Prove you are a conservative who is fearless, articulate, positive, aggressive and more interested in doing what is best for the country than for oneself, and I might--just might--get behind you.  Otherwise, just keep on flying over Iowa.  No need to stop.

Educating the masses is really at the heart of what has to be done.  We need to address every level of education, every race, every class and every person of faith.  We need to segment our marketspace and deliver an appropriate message to each segment in a way that is acceptable and understandable for those who are willing to learn.  Sometimes this is going to take a lot of courage and some strong missionary work.  More on this later.  I will also try to write here more often, as I think we need to open then keep the dialogue going.