Saturday April 30 , 2016
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Commander In Chief

I have been a bit busy with all of the campaign and school work unfolding over the past several months.  I apologize for not posting in awhile.  Recent events, however, make it impossible for me to rationalize any further delay in posting my outrage at our current Commander in Chief.  This president, his administration and the rest of his minions are culpable in the deaths of four brave Americans.  Patreas, Panetta, Rice, Donilon and Clinton all need to go.  Their cowardice is palpable and their ineptitude criminal.

I have scoured the history books and cannot come up with an act on the part of a sitting president that is as injurious to national security or the integrity of the office he holds.  His Constitutional duties are clear, but he has failed in fulfilling the only duty he is ascribed in that wonderful document.  He has failed us in his office, his oath and his behavior.  He plays at president but does not really want to deal with the duties of president.

I predict that before his life is complete, he will be held to account for his actions.  His disdainful, disrespectful and reprehensible behavior is not sitting well with Americans, and his first wake-up call will be the evening of November 6.  He is unworthy of being president and having the honor to command our armed forces.  He should resign today.