Friday May 06 , 2016
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Where to Begin?

I am not sure I have ever seen an administration more corrupt in all my years of watching politics.  Even Richard Nixon is a packer compared to our current peerless leader and his band of running dogs.  Perhaps the most egregious example of their continuing pattern of serial lying is the fact that the President and his national security team knew that the attacks in Benghazi were pre-meditated and planned by terrorists.  It is not so much that they now know these things, it is that they knew them almost immediately after the attacks on 9/11 and then systematically lied about events for over two weeks.  Further, the main stream media has not asked the hard questions.  Had this been a republican president, there would almost certainly be calls for investigations, blue ribbon panels, impeachment and jail time for those who dropped the ball.  We know that the State Department, the CIA and a host of other organizations now have blood on their hands because of their neglect and incompetence.  What makes matters worse is that NBC seems to be able to run a better investigation than our own FBI--NBC!!??

Our nation is in danger because we have people in power who are either willfully dismantling the security of the nation or are so inept as to not be able to muster the appropriate level of concern to deal with national interests around the world.  I submit that there are many who know exactly what they are doing and the protection of national interests is not high on the list of priorities.  No, these people relish the notion that America is being taken down a peg or two, even if it means Americans are dying.  The level of incompetence speaks for itself, but what would one expect when you have a PR guy as the national security advisor, a secretary of state who's greatest claim to fame is being First Lady, a UN ambassador who is known as a rigid, inflexible ideologue who doesn't listen and a security advisor from Ireland who is more concerned about human rights than those of Americans in harm's way.  Actually, the outcomes of our foreign policy excursions is wholly predictable.  More's the pity.

This November 6, we must do all we can to get rid of these progressive misfits.  We need people who will honor the Constitution and who will place the rule of law above all else at the head of our government.  There is only one ticket that can claim those credits and it is not the regime that is currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Vote on November 6.