Thursday May 05 , 2016
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It's About Free Speech

This latest dust-up in the Middle East--the entire expanse of the Middle East--is being blamed on a dumb movie that takes issue with and, in ways, makes fun of Islam.  I have seen the thing and--to put it mildly--we are burning down embassies because of this?  The movie is too stupid to be taken seriously.  No, the movie is a pretext for planned violence.  Worse, our administration is asking that it be suppressed--yielding an American value to the Muslim Brotherhood.

What really is at stake are the values of this nation.  More specifically, are we going to allow the administation to begin suppressing free speech in the name of political correctness?  The progressives who have hijacked the democrat party and are now in charge of our central government will do anything to begin the process of dismantling opposition.  If they can suppress free speech based on some form of religious insult, they will then seek other forms of suppression, to include the revitalization of the Fairness Doctrine--long on the dustbin of history.  What ought to bother people the most in this country is the utter hypocracy of this administration.

I wonder what the president and secretary of state would call the assault on religious freedom engendered in the Department of Health and Human Services contraception mandate.  Also, Secretary of State Clinton, in a speech at Georgetown University, began the process of trying to redefine the notion of what freedom of religion is in the United States.  Her pronouncements about the "freedom to worship" as opposed to the freedom of religion was not by accident.  If the administration can narrow the discussion and limit the expanse of Constitutional protections to simply that one hour or so one might attend a "place" of worship, then these same Godless progressives can begin the process of attacking our right to assemble and the implied right (as supported by the Supreme Court) to associate.  What is at stake is the entirety of the First Amendment, and giving a little might as well mean the end of personal liberty in this country.

I want to remind people that there are many parallels between the progressive left in this country and radical Islamists around the world.  Disagree with either, and they will want to take away your right to exercise your freedoms.  What is frightening is that those on the religious left in this country seem to be the willing dupes of the Godless progressives who are currently in the White House and the various executive branch offices.  Do they not see that the first people to be thrown under the bus will be those who keep God in their hearts--regardless of political philosphy.

Progressives cannot control the population if faith is held in its primacy in American strengths.  By allowing the progressives to whittle away at our First Amendment rights, we allow them to continue the slow, inexorable process of enslaving all of us.  This cannot stand.  Do not allow the progressives to erode our Constitutional rights in any way, even if we do not agree with those who are exercising those rights.  As the great line remains--I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.  Vote in November.