Thursday April 28 , 2016
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What are They Thinking--Again?

I know, it’s been a couple of weeks since I have uploaded my podcasts.  I can yell at my staff, but then, I would be yelling at me in the mirror.  With school starting and trying to get ready for the republican national convention, I am a bit behind in my administrative duties.

On the eve of the nomination of Mitt Romney as the person to represent republicans in the race for president, I am amazed that there are so many people on the right side of the aisle who cannot seem to get passed the fact that their guy didn’t win and that the objective of beating Barack Obama is paramount.  I just cannot get my head around the thinking of people who bash Romney and who have been so outspoken against Obama.  Do they think that some intervention will occur that will change thing for them?  What I find most disturbing is that people who are supposedly leaders in various communities around the country seem bent on taking down the best hope of beating an individual who is Godless, has no moral center, is a pathological liar and a pathological narcissist.  The person who occupies the White House right now is a danger to this country because he is an ideologue who will do whatever it takes to dismantle all that is exceptional about America.  One does not need to look just at his words, because his actions speak so much more loudly.

I guess what bothers me most about this insidious undercurrent of distrust of Romney/Ryan is that they offer no alternative.  Those who are most vocal about the shortcomings of the Governor and/or the Congressman do not seem to have any logical conclusion to offer as to what life would be like in America with Romney as president.  We certainly know what life is going to be like with four more years of Obama, and that outcome is frightening, to say the least.  Imagine this president knowing that he will never have to answer to the American people for anything he has or will do.  Imagine what our country will be like when the FCC, the EPA, DHHS and DHS start their inexorable march to totalitarianism and the complete suppression of alternative voices.  Do these Romney detractors not realize that they will be the first marched off to the Gulag?  What is likely to occur those who offer “hate speech” from their pulpits, microphones or other media will look forward to a visit to their proctologist, because what the government will do to them will make that colonoscopy seem like a routine visit to the dentist for a cleaning.  Do you think I am kidding?  Look at the evidence.

We know for a fact that the Department of Justice is so corrupt that it cannot investigate itself.  Take the example of the DOJ having to recuse itself from the investigation of security leaks from the administration.  This means that some of those leaks came from DOJ.  Have we seen any evidence of the DOJ coming clean on Fast and Furious?  Of course not.  Have we seen evidence of the DOJ investigating voter fraud?  No, in fact, we see DOJ throwing up roadblock after roadblock to inhibit Voter ID laws across the country.  We have drone flights, lawless wiretaps, information mining and myriad other civil liberty violations, and yet, we have people on our side of the aisle who want to rant about Romney rather than show the appropriate outrage at an administration that hates the average citizen and the Constitution that binds us.