Monday May 02 , 2016
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Courage and Conviction

When I first saw Rick Santorum give a speech in person, I thought that he was testing the waters for a run at the presidency.  His pitch was not that great, but a year later, he took the stage at Emma's Event Center in Sioux City and showed a passion that I found particularly appealing.  I told him that night that if he needed any help with his campaign, I would be glad to do what I could.  Over the next several months, he became a better candidate and I got to be a bigger supporter.  Finally, in December of last year, right before the caucuses, I endorsed him on my radio program.  I was proud to do it.

I had the chance to campaign with Senator Santorum and found that what he delivered on the stage was the same guy off stage.  He is a good father and husband.  He is, above all else, a courageous, committed and tenacious conservative.  He has grit, as they say, and I am proud to be a supporter.

Rick gave some of the most moving speeches I have ever heard.  The reason these speeches were so powerful is because they came from the heart.  He knows his stuff and he believes in what he is doing.  Right now, he is doing what is best for his family, but I can assure you, he will be out on the campaign trail very soon helping get conservatives elected across the country.  He will be a hot ticket for the rest of the campaign season--and rightfully so.

I hope I get the chance to work with him again.  He has so much to offer the country.  He has a vision of where we ought to be going and he uses the Constitution as the very roadmap to how we get there.  To him and his family, I wish the very best.  God Bless.