Sunday May 01 , 2016
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Thuggery at the Highest Level

Unprecedented.  That is how one must characterize the comments made by the president about the Supreme Court in the last couple of days.  Outside of his role model, FDR, this president is the only one I can recall that has threatened the court and the judiciary.  If one recalls history, FDR threatened to have the democrat congress expand the court until such time as the president could get a majority vote on his legislative agenda.  In remarkable shows of courage, the Supreme Court of the 1930s overturned law after law in the administration's quest for absolute control of every aspect of life in America.  Only after Justice Owen Roberts flipped sides did the court lose its way and start its 70 year wandering through judicial deserts where original intent was not the focus of the majority. 

Since Justice Thomas joined the court some 20 years ago, however, the court has been moving inexorably back to a more balanced approach to juris prudence.  Though original intent is not always part of the opinions, it has become more of an influence than in the previous seven decades.  What one hopes is that these justices can find the courage to do what is right as opposed to doing what is politically expedient (and short sighted).

The president trying to bully the court, particularly in this era of instantaneous communications, is unwise and unseemly.  Again, Barack Obama has shown his contempt for the separation of powers and the institutions of our government.  Further, he diminishes the presidency with each tactless, thoughtless and tasteless assault on those who might disagree with him.  He unleashes his Alinsky attack dogs then follows up to make sure that those under assault know it is coming from him.

The worst of all of this is that he has demonstrated beyond question that he has no regard for the American people.  His arrogance and pathological narcissism do not allow him the ability to connect with everyday people.  Of course, he thinks he is better than everyone else, so he sees no point in having empathy.

This president is a dangerous person.  He is dangerous in that he does not have the interests of the nation in mind and is more than willing to do anything to advance an ideology that is absolutely opposed to American exceptionalism.  Four more years of this man as president could very well mean the total deconstruction of our Constitutional republic.  He wants to be a dictator and he wants to enslave all who are not part of his regime.  As Althusius advised in the 17th Century, we have a right to throw off imprudent magistrates.  The current president certainly qualifies.  Vote in November.