Monday May 02 , 2016
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The Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act

Today, arguments started in the Supreme Court concerning the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act of 2010.  The fact that this law has made it to the SCOTUS in a little over two years is just remarkable.  I predict a 5-4 or 6-3 decision that will overturn most, if not all, of the bill.  The individual mandate, if allowed to stand, will be a complete cave to totalitarian government.  Yes, I said totalitarian government.

If the mandate is allowed to stand, the Congress of the United States will have the last fetters removed and thus will be able to tell you and me exactly what we can buy, what we can eat, etc.  There will be no limit to the powers of the Congress--exactly opposite of what the Constitution was intended to do.  Limiting government, particularly the Congress, to its enumerated powers seem a worthy goal for the people.  I am hoping the SCOTUS sees it the same way.

Those who believe in big government typically believe in collective thinking and action.  They do not believe in individual liberty or voluntary association.  They believe that the government can dictate our lives, mostly because these progressives think that an elite few are better equipped to make decisions for us.  What the ultimate goal of progressives is the enslavement of the people and dictatorial power so as to pursue the perfection of man--an impossible ideal that is contraposed to individual liberty and self-determination.

My hope is that we will learn a great deal from this experience in that we will start the process of taking back our country and Constitution from the deathgrip the progressives have placed around our necks.  We cannot let them prevail, nor can we count on the courts to do our biding.  Our elected officials should be working to repeal the Affordable Care Act in totality, so that we can seek health care reform that includes tort reform and true interstate commerce.  What a concept.