Wednesday May 04 , 2016
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Let The People Choose

Perhaps it is because I have gotten more involved in party politics this cycle than at anytime in my life that I have noticed an undercurrent of "the establishment" wanting to direct the nomination and platform process taking place across the country.  What I find most surprising is that this effort is taking place, in isolated pockets, at the local level, more noticeably at the state level and overtly at the national level.  There must be a reason, but for me, I think the system works best when the people are allowed to make these choices based on allowing the system to work.

At the national level, it is clear that the party establishment is scared to death of having a conservative win the nomination process.  All the establishment politicians and pundits have been badgering, bullying and bashing anyone who might want to support a Gingrich or Santorum in the presidential race.  Why is this the case?  Is it that they think a conservative cannot possibly win a national election?  I think it really is that they do not want to confront all aspects of conservatism such as facing cultural decay, personal accountability and the reduction and reach of government.  It is simply not in the interest of establishment party aparatchiks because they lose power when the agenda is expanded to include all four pillars of conservatism.  The establishment folks, aided by the main stream media, think that pressing individual accountability, supporting the Constitution and protecting marriage and life are dangerous positions because of the "independent" voters that might be turned off by those who support a four front approach to government and governance in America.  They are right to be afraid, but not because these causes lose.  They ought to be afraid because these causes win, and by winning, establishment individuals lose power.

At the state level, we are seeing a lot of maneauvering by a particular candidate and his minions to take over control of state central committees.  Though the process by which they are attempting this coup may be within the organizing rules of the party, doing so is certainly unethical as their candidate could not win at the ballot box, so gaining control of the rules is the only way they can get their agenda advanced.  We are seeing this unfold right here is good ole Iowa, so I know it is going on across the country.  If people are not aware of or are indifferent to these activities, then we are going to see the internal destruction of the party take place without a single vote being cast to counter.  Conservatives cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and allow this to happen.  I plan on making a case for making sure that our state caucus heading for the national conventioh offer delegate votes that reflect the outcome of what the party faithful offered on January 3rd this year.

At the local level, I have not seen as much of this, but I do know it is going on.  Just to the south of me, there is an Iowan county party apparatus being run by a person who is not at all even handed in his dealing with party candidates.  It is not his job to pick winners and losers in the campaigns, and by doing so, he is hurting his reputaion and that of the party.  He is alienating otherwise devoted party activists and is unknowingly aiding the democrats by not allowing the process to work the way it should.  I suspect this might go on in other counties, but the behavior of this chair is by far the most egregious I have seen.  And if reports are correct from the county conventions yesterday, I will no longer be able to help him because I will be indirectly complicit in suppressing the free expression of thought inside the republican party. 

There are probably a lot of ways to approach correcting these internal problems, but I think the most important and immediate way to do this is to make sure everyone knows that things are not what they seem.  The republican party must be above board and must respect the people who find their way to the party.  To do otherwise is to behave as our politically correct, history revisionist and social engineering political enemies behave.  As Rush just found out, it does not pay to lower ourselves to the same tactics the progressives use.  Get smart and get active.