Monday February 08 , 2016
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Protecting the Bill of Rights

I think a lot of you have received my latest Voice from the Plains newsletter where I offer some thoughts on the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this small research note is that all the protections in the First Amendment overlap and at times are dependent upon each other.  Imagine how the right to assemble (and associate) might be affected if we did not have freedom of speech?  Imagine where all of these protections might come into play inside our churches.  The only protection in the First Amendment that might not apply in our temples, synagogues and churches might be the right to petition for redress of grievances.  Then, being in church is really about squaring the books with the Almighty, isn't it?

The Obama administration and progressives across the country are scared to death of all of who believe the Constitution is not only still relevant but also a compelling and forceful part of what makes America exceptional.  The progressives cannot control us if we still have our faith.  This troubles them mightily.  To enslave, they must disarm us and render meaningless the moral authority of our faith.  Also, without the right to speak up, the right to assemble and its complement the right to associate and the right to have a free press, we would become enslaved almost over night.  The tyrannical minority would run roughshod over the faithful majority.  They have no power if we have God.

As we get closer and closer to the election this November, keep in mind that the progressives and the Obama administration will pull out all the stops to win reelection.  They will lie (already doing it), cheat (ditto) and steal (have you seen the budget?) their way back into the corridors of power.  We must do all we can to stop them.

Over the next several months, I will continue to advance ideas and thoughts about our Bill of Rights in my Voice from the Plains newsletter.  Please sign up if you are not a subscriber.  For those who are, please send my newsletters to everyone you think might like what is inside.  We must spread the word about the threat of progressivism and we must continue to recruit for the fight.