Wednesday May 04 , 2016
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No Dice on HHS Rules

As could have been predicted, the bait and swith on the part of the administration to now force insurance companies to "pay" for reproductive services has fallen flat with the nearly everyone but the useful idiots on the left.  To paraphrase the general sentiment of all those affected by these rules--Does the President think we are this stupid?  He must, or he would have done something else.

When the government tells private enterprise to do something--assuming they have the power to do so and in this instance they do not--consumers pay for whatever costs are imposed on the companies.  This cost is essentially a tax that we pay indirectly back to government.  We are not able to access our representatives on this, so it is essentially taxation without representation.  Seems to me we fought a revolution over things like that and religious freedom.

Religious organizations will still have reproductive services as part of their health insurance plans even though "they" won't have to pay.  But who will pay?  Nothing has changed.  The religious institutions are still being asked to violate their doctrines to make sure that all women have access to subsidized reproductive services, to include morning-after abortion pills.

The best road for the president and Secretary Sebilius to go is to withdraw the rules altogether.  Wait until after the election so as not to offend too many people by November.  Unfortunately, I think it is too late.  The president has revealed who he really is and what he really represents, so getting this genie back in the bottle is going to be problematic.

If the president loses just 5% of the Catholic vote, 5% of the Jewish vote (and given his stance on Israel, that number is low), 5% of the female vote, 5% of the African American vote and 5% of the Hispanic vote, he is in deep electoral college trouble.  He may come close on the popular vote, but he and the democrats are going to get their clocks cleaned on election day.

Perhaps we will look back in history and note that when a president tries to assume dictatorial powers to crush the Constitution, the American people would have reacted strongly against that individual and his or her party.  I am guessing the popularity of the president is going to slide into dangerous ground over the next month or so.  Ought to be interesting what happens.  Right now, the administration is like a cat trying to cover up poop on a marble floor.  Lots of action for very little results.