Friday May 06 , 2016
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Heading for the Stretch Run

I've been away for awhile, due mostly to my back and some travel I had to do.  What has transpired in the past couple of weeks with the republcan candidates is most uplifting and gives me a lot of confidence that we are certainly heading in the right direction.

Each of the candidates has been sharpening his or her message and the more specific each is, the more traction that candidate seems to get.  Witness Herman Cain's 9-9-9 proposal.  I cannot make the numbers work exactly as he has reported them, but the idea is certainly worth considering.  Newt Gingrich is advocating a flat tax and a reduction in corporate, death and capital gains taxes.  All of these ideas are great.  Romney, Perry, Santorum and Bachmann are starting to sharpen their stump speeches appreciably so we are getting a lot of really good ideas out of these candidates and from the democrats, we get more of the same.

I am confident we are moving toward a historic change election in which the nation regains its footing and its senses about our values, our exceptionality and our founding.  As I have often said, looking back is the way to find the path forward.  Principles not emotions will carry the day, so I am proud of the field of candidates we have on our side of the ledger.

We will soon be entering the primary season and someone will emerge from this group who will be the standard-bearer for all Americans who care about keeping this nation great.  That person will need the support of every single one of us from the time the nomination is confirmed through the election.  Then, when the republican moves to take the oath of office, we shall be there to ensure that conservative principles such as Constitutionallly limited government, balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility and strong national defense remain the cornerstones of the refounding of this nation.

Over time, I think we will look back on this current administration as perhaps the single most important event to ever happen.  The Obama administration has awakened in all of us a burning desire to make America great again.  We can and we shall.