Thursday May 05 , 2016
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Force of Nature

I took part in a Tea Party of America rally this past weekend and had a wonderful time, even though Char and I got soaked to the bone in the driving rain.  The event came off without a hitch up to and including the arrival of the star of the event, Governor Sarah Palin.  She gave a 40 minute speech that pretty much outlined her agenda for a campaign--if she ever declares her intention to do so.  If she does, she is going to give all the boys (and the other girl) a run for their money.  It's not that she is sharper, more articulate, more intelligent or more forceful than all the others.  She is none of those things.  What she is is genuine, real, at one with the people and at peace with herself.  She has taken all the bad press and turned it all in her favor.  She is almost mockingly dismissive of the press so they will have a hard time getting under her skin.  No, not going to happen.

What impressed me the most about her was not the speech so much as what she did after.  She came down into the crowd, shook hands with strangers, hugged strangers, signed autographs for strangers and left the crowd only when every single person who wanted to talk to her had left.  This level of personal connection is what is so endearing about her and her potential candidacy.  If she wins the presidency, she will be one of the most popular ever.  I see a lot of Reagan in her--and she is better looking.

I am not sure she can win the nomination--if she were to run--but she will have a lot to say about who is the Republican nominee.  She will also have a lot to say about the platform and the narrative that the candidate will carry forward into the general election.  Her points on crony captitalism and the utter corruption of this administration were body blows that will have lasting effects on the campaign.  She struck the first blow of what I think is Obama's true vulnerability.  His incompetence aside, he has designs on being a dictator and he has "ruled" at every turn against the will of the people.  He lacks character and has surrounded himself with those who share his ideology and similarly lack any sense of morality.  Social justice is not a substitute for integrity and honor.

Finally, I think his life-long associations will come back to haunt him.  He, like all of us, is no more or less than his education and experience has allowed him to be.  His education is sketchy and his experience does not exist.  And when one begins to think about his communist father, socialist mother, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dornn, Cass Sustein and Jeremiah Wright and all the rest of the progressives who have played a role in shaping his world view, one is not at all surprised that he lacks a moral center.  When Man is placed above God and Natural Rights and Laws are subordinated to the laws of man, the outcomes are predictable.  He will never embrace the greatness of this nation or its exceptionality.  He will never embrace the sovereignty of this nation nor the need to defend the people with all that is possible.  He is incapable of understanding individual freedom and self-determination.  Only he is smart enough to run things, so the rest of us need to shut up.  We won't, and he does not know how to deal with such overwhelming rejection.

Any disagreement with the president or his regime is immediately branded as racism.  Of course, we all know who the real racists are, but we will have to be in the majority in Congress and in the White House to get things turned around.  That is why this next election is so important.  We cannot possibly tolerate another four years of this destructive, deliberate assault on the very foundations of the nation.