Thursday May 05 , 2016
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The National Security Strategy

This administration has just issued a new national security strategy.  Unfortunately, what is clear from what has been released so far is that the people responsible for writing this document know nothing about the nation, security or strategy.  What comes across loud and clear is that this document is nothing more than a a thinly veiled restatement of a pernicious, corrupt and intellectually bankrupt ideology--an ideology most closely identified as an elitist-driven form of socialism.  Clearly, this document is useless as a roadmap for our military, our allies or anyone else that might have an interest in the United States remaining the single, exceptional super power in the world.  Let me give you some examples.

The national security strategy authored by this administration declares climate change and healthcare reform as national security issues.  These issues will certainly impact national security by killing jobs, depleting the national treasury, diminishing the national economy and lowering the quality of life for every American.  Can you imagine that raising taxes on every American family by nearly $10K a year will help our security?  Can you imagine what the rest of the world must be thinking when they see such a simplistic, naive declaration?

Another striking feature of the document is that Islamic radicalism is not mentioned as threat to the United States.  The last time I checked, there were 45 organizations on the US State Department threat list.  Of those 45, at least 27 were Islamic radical groups.  This group includes Hamas and Hezballah--groups this administration is actively attempting to engage.  Are you kidding me?

There is also no mention of securing the borders.  We have as many as 500K illegal immigrants coming into and staying in this country each year.  Since 2000, four out of every five illegal immigrants to come to the US is living in poverty, dropping out of high school, having children out of wedlock and not learning the language or getting the work skills to climb the economic ladder.  Depending on one's sources, illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $70 billion a year.  When all 14 million illegals are "documented," that cost will go to $210 billion a year overnight--that's right, the next day.  Right now, illegal immigrants, depending on where they are living illegally, have access to about one third of the means tested public assistance programs available from the government.  If all are legalized, they will have access to all of these programs.  The costs will fall mostly on state and local governments, the units of government that cannot print their own money and that must balance their budgets.

Another recurring theme in the national security strategy, and perhaps the one that is most offensive, is that America needs to level itself with our allies and other nations in the world.  This manifestation of nation-hating that seems to be pervasive in this administration cannot be allowed to persist.  It is the singular exceptionality of this nation that has kept the world as safe as it has been and will ever be.  We are the only nation that has the will to be great--at least, we were the only nation with that pedigree until January of 2009.  Since then, the president and those clones that surround him have been on an apology tour that is most unseemly.

The strategy is one of the most important documents an administration can put forward.  The document should express not only the intent of the nation, but should also reflect its will.  A nation like the United States is simply a miracle of good men and a blessing from God.  From great strength comes confidence and also courage and compassion.  November cannot come too soon, so we the people can get our hands back on the tiller of the ship of state.  Vote.