Saturday April 30 , 2016
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Turning Into the Wind

As the dust settles after the latest assault on the Constitution through the healthcare legislation passed by this Congress and supported by this administration, I am taking heart in what I see taking place in towns, cities and villages around the country.  There is a resolve there that is growing and that is being fed by a certainty that following and upholding principles is a just pursuit.  I also think we are seeing the recognition that this fight is going to be a long one--lasting from generation to generation--so we need to arm ourselves with the facts, the truth and will to follow through.

I remember being out on the USS Ranger during the Gulf War.  I was a land loving Air Force fighter guy, so being on a boat in the middle of the Arabian Sea was disconcerting on its own, let alone being out there in a war zone.  Air Force and Navy fighter pilots have a lot in common, but the one thing the Navy has to do is take off and land on that ship.  When the Captain was getting ready to launch the next set of sorties to fly into Iraq, he ordered the ship to turn into the wind.  On deck, the ballet of crew chiefs, launch officers, gear riggers, etc., was something to behold.  What struck me was the precision with which these men and women went about their business.  What struck me even deeper was that there was an air of confidence in each of them, borne of the knowledge that they were prepared, that they were trained to do what was necessary and that their mission was just.  Their resolve was evident to even the most casual observer.  This past week, Conservatism in this country turned into the wind.

The next few months and years will not be easy.  Conservatives around the country will be accused of being anti-intellectual, ignorant, backward and unworthy of the grace of those that are currently in charge.  What will be worse, however, is that Conservatives will be branded by the main stream media, the power intelligencia, the power elites and every stripe of progressive with being racist, homophobic, greedy and uncaring about their fellow citizens.  Do not fall for any of this. 

I direct your attention to the editorial written by liberal apologist Frank Rich in the Saturday edition of the New York Times.  Conservatives, he asserts, are not angry about the healthcare bill, we are supposedly angry that a person of color is in the White House.  Really?  Most of the people I know are really upset because the bill is unaffordable, centralizes more power in the national government, takes away our individual liberty and that nearly 20% of our economy has been socialized.  That's why we are upset.  Is the President really a person of color?  Who knew?  Most of us think he remains the most unqualified and unprepared person to ever be President of the United States.  The evidence, contrary to Mr. Rich and his ilk thinking otherwise, is on our side.

We will have a tough fight on our hands, because we cannot give in even a little.  Principles will always win out over amoral, self-gratifying, intrusive and suppressive actions on the part of progressives.  Honestly, I think they can't really help themselves.  When one lacks a moral center, one's actions are wholly unpredictable.

We have turned into the wind, so show your resolve.  Show your confidence.  Show your strength by doing just a little more than is expected.  This is a war we can win.